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Impressionen von Köln

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The Roman-Germanic Museum

During construction on a site next to the Dom (cathedral) in 1941, a floor mosaic from between 220 and 230 A.C.E. was discovered, which depicts the Greek God of Revelry, Dionysus, in a dance scene portrayed with flower and animal motifs.  The mosaic belonged to the dinning hall of a roman city villa, which had over 20 rooms and covered 3,400m² of surface area. Precisely over this mosaic floor was

Building of the Roman-Germanic Museum. Photo: Wagner built the Roman-Germanic Museum in 1974.  the museum shows the every-day life in the former roman city, Cologne. Positioned all around the mosaic are thousands of beautiful artefacts from Cologne during the roman era, underneath, tools, eauing utensils and weapons. Cologne was the
center of glass blowing during the Roman era. The museum posses the largest roman glass collection in the world. Equally impressive is Lucius Poblicius’ (ca. 40 A.C.E.) epitaph directly over the Dionysus mosaic. Reconstructed from original stone  blocks stands the middle passage fo the Roman North Tower, whose right side entrance is standing at Cologne’s tourist office. Tours can be found, outside of the summer holiday, every Sunday at 11.30am.


Adress: 4 Roncalliplatz, tel. 221-24590. Open Tue-Sun from 10am to 5pm, closed on mondays. The museum is located right to the cathedral. Internet: www.museenkoeln.de.

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The Chocolate-Museum Imhoff-Stollwerck

300 years were needed for the raw material to ripen for what we gladly eat: chocolate. With sweets from the coca bean, the Cologne Chocolate Factory “Stollwerck” has made its money over the decades. As a heartfelt thanks, the previous owner, Dr. Hans Imhoff, opened a museum in honor of chocolate, the Imhoff Stollwerk Museum. One can follow the production process (on site) of table chocolate and pralines. Monitor the entry of the raw materials into the


process by viewing the greenhouse in which their own coca beans grow. Finished chocolate flows out of a fountain, just like in the land of milk and honey. Nibbling is not only allowed, rather preferred. On old computer screens you can view the chocolate advertisements from Grandpa’s time. The museum restaurant, with its view of the Rhine, offers hearty meals too. The Chocolate Museum lies in the Rhine’s flow just next to the shore and is open Tues to Fri.


from 10am to 6pm; Sat., Sun. and holidays from 11am to 7pm. The last entry is an hour before closing time. Mondays they are closed. Further information at (tel.) 931 888-0. more

One of the favorite expositions: the Choco Fountain.

The chocolate fountain. Photo: Wagner

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Modern Art at the Museum Ludwig

A museum of modern art with one-of-a-kind collection of modern art from 1900 to today. Expressionism, Russian avant-garde, American pop-art form the 1960s, the art of the Graphic and Camera up to the contemporary works of 1986 are on exhibit at the wide running and modern structure. The museum was decreed the third large Picasso collection world-wide after Barcelona and Paris. All thanks are due to

The Museum Ludwig with its famous shape. Photo: Wagner

the museum founder Peter Ludwig, one of those who died unfortunately as one of  the Aachener Factory owners. Together with his wife, Irene, Ludwig donated 350 works of modern art to Cologne in 1976 for the express purpose to open a brand new museum. This was the birth hour of the

Museum Ludwig. Of course the core collection was begun then, but it was the immensely rich art collection of Cologne lawyer Dr. Josef Haubrich that made the museum what it is today. During the Third Reich, Haubrich bought up many art works to protect them for des- truction by the Nazis. In 1946 he donated his collection to the city of Cologne. Among which one finds an envoy from Expressionism, like Erich Hekel, Ernst Ludwig Kirchner or August Macke and the classic moderns, like Marc Chagall or Otto Dix. Conclusion: One can not miss a visit to the Museum Ludwig at any cost.


Address: 1 Bischofsgartenstr. (backside of the Dom).
221-22382. Open: Tue. 10am-8pm, Wed.-Fri. 10am to 6pm, Sat. and Sun. 11am to 6pm.
Closed on mondays.

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The Wallraf Richartz Museum

The Wallraf Richartz Museum (WRM) was founded in the 19th century in the name of the former Rector of the University of Cologne, Prof. Ferdinand Franz Wallraf and the Cologne Salesman Johann Heinrich Richartz. Wallraf bought up much of the sacramental artworks from

View on the museum (Architects O.M. Ungers). Photo: Wagner Cologne’s churches and cloisters during the occupation by Napoleon’s forces, preser- ving them from destruction by the secula- rists. The money for the reconstruction of the museum following the Second World War was provided by Johann Heinrich Richartz. Since 2001 the WRM has been
placed in its own new building, located between the Rathaus (town hall) and Gürzenich (the town's ancient ballroom). Shortly after the new construction, the WRM was enriched with an "eternal lending" of impressionist works of Swiss collector’s Gerard Corboud private col- lection. In honour of the collector the Wallraf-Richartz-Museum is now also known as the "Foundation Corboud".


Adress: Obenmarspforten. Tel. 221-2 11 19. Open: Tue to Sun and Holidays 10am to 6pm, Thu 10am to 9pm. Closed on mondays. Internet: www.wallraf.museum

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