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Impressionen von Köln

Professional Guided Tours in Cologne for travel groups.

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Mobile in Cologne

Upon arrival in Cologne, visitors want to reach their destinations in town quickly if possible. That's why one should be informed about the routes and modes of transportation, about parking places and appro- priate costs. You'll find useful tips to these questions in this chapter.

Taxi Service for Business Travellers. When trave- lling to Cologne for business matters you may want to have a solid and reliable taxi service with friendly and honest taxi drivers speaking English and know- ledge of streets and places allover the city. If so, please send us an inquiry. more

One of Cologne's new subway cars. Photo. Wagner

Subway and busses. When visiting Cologne taking the local bus and train system is a very comfortable way to reach every interesting place in town. Trains and busses travel every 10 minutes during the day. And using this service can be quite taking a one or three day ticket or travelling as a group. more 

Displays of the parking management system. Photo: Wagner

Parking in the City. More than 17,000 spaces are shared among 40 parking houses in Cologne's in- ner city. 30 of these are linked to Cologne's parking directory system ("Parkleitsystem") where that the free spaces in the parking houses are displayed on electronic street signs. more

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