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Guided Group Tours in Cologne 2013

If you're interested in the city's history it will be worth for you joining one of our guided tours into Cologne's great gothic cathedral and through the historical old town. It's just the best way to explore the miracles of the former roman city founded 2000 years ago by Julia Agrippina who was born in Cologne and became wife of emperor Claudius later on. Joining our OLD TOWN's tour means diving into

The Alter Markt (Old Market) near city hall. Photo: Wagner

Cologne's magic history. This roundtrip contains a visit in the Cathedral and its famous treasures like the shrine with the relics of the Three Wisemen or the triptych "The Altar of the City Patrons". This tour is offered in several languages like English, French, Italian, Spanish and Russian. If 

someone wants to explore Cologne's universe of breweries as the original locations for drinking a fresh Kölsch-Beer, our "BREWERY PUB TOUR" may be the right decision. Learn more about this light beer that is an important part of Cologne's history within this tour of about 2,5 hours. Last but not least we recommand you joining our guided tour exploring the Old Town with its numeral sights of a 2000 year's history. After this walk you may like to relax by breathing fresh air on an unforgetable cruise by ship on the rhine. Just sit down on the top deck and view the sights and landmarks like old churces and houses as well as the breathtaking look on to the holy building of Cologne Cathedral! Interested in joining one of our tour programmes with your travel group now? Just have a look at our additional contents below and in the column on the right hand side. Please don't wait and send your enquiry including your required date, time, type of group and number of persons. Thanks and see you in Cologne!


Each tour is offered to private and business travel groups at individual appointments. Please let us know your wishes by sending an |INQUIRY| to our office. Thank you.

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Our Guided Tours in Old Cologne for Groups

Whomever wishes to see and feel the world famous sights of Cologne and their ancient history should join this tour. Within two hours we will visit the Cathedral learning much about its history and treasures like the shrine with the relics of the Three Wisemen or the tryptich "Altar of the City Patrons" that are St. Gereon and St. Ursula with her eleven thousand virgins. You'll be impressed about the 42 meters high interior of this church with its two 157 meters tall towers standing on 8000 sqm of ground. It's simply the largest church in the world. After leaving the Cathedral we take a walk to the nice old town with its most important monuments, squares and traces of 2000 years' history. This tour is offered to private and business groups at your indivi- dual date and starting time. If you are inte- rested in joining our Brewery Tour please click on the green button below and give all information needed like date, time, type of group and number of persons and your prefered language. 


The most popular beer in Cologne is the one called "Kölsch". It's only being brewed in Cologne and served within this city including the surburbs. The original pubs to have a fresh glass of this light and tasty beer are the brewery houses. These once were the locations where Kölsch was brewed, today they are the historical and most beloved pubs for inhabitants and visitors, too. Joining our Brewery Tour we will visit some of these Brewery houses in the Old Town learning all important facts about the history of the famous Cologne Beer that is a very important part of the city's past and future as well. You may want to taste some of the local food specialities on the menu, listen to our explanations and have fun at the same time! If you are interested in joining our Brewery Tour with your travel group please click the green button below and give all information needed like date, time, type of group and number of persons and your prefered language. 


First we will be visiting all important sights of Cologne's old town beside the river rhine that are necessary to understand about the city's history of 2000 years since the Roman times. Afterwards our city guide takes you to the bank of the rhine where you enter one of the white painted river ships starting off for a roundtrip on the Rhine. In about one hour you sure will enjoy the fresh air sitting on the deck of the boat where you will have an unforgetable view on Cologne's landmarks like the old town and espacially the huge Cathedral. Please don't forget to bring your photo camera with you! On board there is a small catering with refreshing drinks or coffee being offered, sometimes little snacks are available, too. If you are interes- ted in this tour programme and want to send an inquiry for your travel group please click on the green button below and give all infor- mation needed like date, time, type of group and number of persons and your prefered language. 

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Good idea: Old Town & Rhine

Seen it from the Dom (cathedral) before? What would Cologne be without the Rhine? The river belongs to the city just as a boat tour does to the itinerary of a Cologne visitor. Espacially travel groups who wanted to book a guided walk through the old town of Cologne with its beautiful sights may also be interested in extending this nice event by exploring the river rhine on a ship that takes them along the wonderful view on the entire old town. The combination of both 

River ship of the Köln-Düsseldorfer company. Photo: Wagner programm parts is at its best. First you will be lead to the most important sights of old Cologne in order to learn about lots of nice stories that city's history bears. You will be pleased to know all necessary about this old town of almost 2000 years since the time of the romans. Afterwards we'll take 

you on one of the white boats for a relaxing cruise along the left and right bank of the rhine where interesting buildings and landmarks are to be seen. We recommand not to forget your photo camera. On the ship you can both sit under free sky or under deck if you like to. If you wish to have a cold or warm drink or a snack to eat there will be a waiter serving you quickly. The duration of the whole tour (walk and cruise on the rhine) is about 2.5 hours.


Our programme "Walk to old town plus cruise on rhine" is for private and business groups with 10 or more people. Please send us an |INQUIRY| with your individual date. 

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Hotel rooms in Cologne 

HOTELS IN COLOGNE I. Using  internet booking machines it's very easy searching for a hotel room in Cologne. One of these special search engines is HRS - Hotel Reservation Service with its many offers. Click the logo for starting.


HOTELS IN COLOGNE II: Looking for a hotel room in Germany there are some other good booking machines on the net such as HOTEL.de. They also often have some cheap offers given by good hotels in Cologne. Using the service is free, too.

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